Roberta Risolo Jewelry

Roberta Risolo’s jewels are refined and unique, artistic creations:
they represent a stylish reinterpretation of the jewellery tradition.
This young brand tells of the history and culture of the Salento,
skillfully combining its raw materials and architectural style,
capturing the imagination and exciting one’s curiosity.

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Anello Abbracci

Embraces: one of the most popular collections.

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Roberta Risolo Jewelry
Roberta Risolo was born in Galatina (LE), and lived in Otranto until she achieved her diploma in “The art of metals and jewellery” at the Institute of Art “Nino della Notte” in Poggiardo (Le)....
Roberta Risolo Art Jewelry
2013 - Advertising Shooting for "Roberta Risolo Art Jewels" Campaign. Photo: Marco Perulli Makeup & hairstyle: Keros Model: Chiara D....