Roberta Risolo Jewelry

Roberta Risolo was born in Galatina (LE), and she lived in Otranto until she achieved a diploma in “ The art of metals and jewellery” at the Art Institute “Nino della Notte” in Poggiardo (Le).

Following her interest in working with precious metals she went to Vicenza where she attended specialist courses and has worked for world-famous brands.

Enriched by this experience she decided to return to Salento, her native land, to promote the territory through her artistic skills.

Roberta Risolo Jewelry

During the last few years she has been invited several times to participate in collective exhibitions or to make them her own.
Her creative works are directly linked to Salento’s culture, because of inspiration from local architecture and the use of local raw materials such as olive wood and a particular type
of local stone that is called “pietra leccese”.

In 2013 she attended the course “alta formazione TAM” (a specialist course on the use of metals in art and sculpture), a famous centre of excellence headed
by Mr. Arnaldo Pomodoro, and during that year she created special medals to celebrate the Canonization of the Martyrs of Otranto.

Since 2014 she teaches in Jewelery Design courses at the Calcagnile Fashion Academy in Lecce.

Roberta Risolo Jewelry Otranto

Then, in 2016, she inaugurated the current Shop Atelier “Roberta Risolo Art Jewels” in the heart in Otranto to Porta Terra.